Business Spotlight – North Inch Greenhouse

North Inch Greenhouse

Stepping inside the bright new hoop house is a feast for all the senses – the crisp, blending florid scents, the tiny bursts of a thousand shades and colors, the velvety and silky petals and leaves, the heady rush of herbs so robust you can taste them in the air. North Inch Greenhouse more than lives up to expectations; it blows them away.

North Inch, owned and operated by Jeanne and Doug Allmaras, opened to the public on May 6th. The selection on hand is astonishing, with more than 5000 individual plants – flowers, leafy plants, vegetables, and herbs – available at any time.

When stocking the original inventory, Jeanne says they “ordered one flat of everything available, a real sampler, so people could play with plants that were ‘new to us’.” Also in-stock are items such as potting mix, fertilizers, garden décor, and pre-potted arrangements in planters and hanging baskets.

Out in the rear of the greenhouse is a special area called the “potting area”. This sheltered terrace is a gathering place where people may come in to have coffee, read gardening magazines, and try out plants in different arrangements and different planters. Allmaras envisions the space as a hosting area for, what she calls with a laugh, “pot parties”, as in, “where the men in town have Cenex, the women now have the North Inch.”

Speaking of the business’ name, there is a bit of the family tree in this plant story. The North Inch is named after Jeanne’s father’s greenhouse, which was originally named in homage to a clan feud in Scotland in 1396, a battle survived by only a handful of soldiers – among them, Jeanne’s direct ancestor. Read about local businesses here.

The North Inch Greenhouse is open Monday through Saturday from 9-6, and Sundays from 12-6 seasonally throughout the summer. It is located at 109 3rd Ave SE, one block east of Cash and Carry Lumber and Pioneer Auto, just off of Highway 281. For more information, contact Jeanne at 302-0754, and be sure to stop in for a look – it’s a visit you won’t regret.

North Inch Greenhouse

109 3rd Ave SE, New Rockford, ND 58356-1911
Phone: (701) 302-0754

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