Eddy County History

Eddy County is situated in central North Dakota, right in the upper James River valley. This is North Dakota’s Gem County that consists of almost 650 square miles of which most is cultivated. So let’stake a closer look at the Eddy County History.

The county has just over 2,300 residents mostly from German and Scandinavian origin. Eddy County’s soil consists predominantly of rich black loam with clay underneath which makes it perfectly suited for the production of grasses and the grain for which North Dakota is so famous for.

It was in the pioneer era that Eddy County’s fertile soil and level prairies were drawing more attention from home seekers and the days of more immigration were on. Predominantly Germans and Americans settled in the county’s level lands whereas most Scandinavians chose to live in the eastern and northern portions of the county where you find beautiful valleys the rolling prairies.

By doing so, these settlers kept close to their native surroundings and environment. For memories of their old homes far away across the big pond were dear to them and when the came to Eddy County, where in those days the land was free for those who asked, they generally looked for an environment that most closely resembled their earlier natural surroundings. Well, time has proven them right. This is what they could expect in North Dakota. All those who came here have excellent homes and most are pretty wealthy as well.

North Dakota is for a large part crafted by legendary heroes from the Old West, the hard-working immigrants and early pioneers from all across the globe. All these hard-working folks have left a legacy and created an impressive heritage that’s still visible in many historic sites that are found across the state.

The Sheyenne and James Rivers are running through respectively the northern and southern portions of Eddy County which not only guarantees an abundant and constant water supply but the rivers also offer lots of different varieties of fish and Ice Fishing has become one of the state’s residents favorite winter hobbies!

The area’s pure water and nutritious grasses are great for the county’s farms. Cattle, horses, hogs, and sheep feel very well here and raising stock here has become extremely profitable in Eddy County. Check out also our post “What To Do In New Rockford.” The county’s main industry lies, however, in the production of oats, wheat, potatoes, barley, corn, clover, and spelt. Additionally, the area is also perfect for growing all kinds of vegetables and smaller fruits, such as cherries, plums, and strawberries, but also hardier kinds like apples, are doing extremely well.

Eddy County’s county seat is New Rockford, a fine, clean, small little city of almost 1,400 residents. New Rockford, located on the Northern Pacific Railway’s Devil’s Lake division, was founded in 1883 and is an up-to-date community in every way.

Many great homes are lining the town’s streets and construction is constantly ongoing. The town offers all needed facilities and businesses such as hotels, major general stores, banks, and New Rockford boasts even two weekly newspapers and a splendid golf course! Furthermore, you’ll find numerous small business endeavors that make the town the progressive community it is today.

Nowhere in America will you find a better school system than in North Dakota and also Eddy County prides itself in its educational institutions. Noteworthy is New Rockford High School which can accommodate 700 students. Another interesting educational institution is the Phillips Academy where students can earn advanced academic degrees, for example, in business, and North Dakota boasts, of course, some of the finest colleges and universities in the nation.

New Rockford counts quite a few churches. Catholic, Baptist, Congregational, German Lutheran, and Methodist churches are attending to the community’s spiritual needs and there are also frequent Episcopal services.

So you see, the town has a great school and there are enough churches to satisfy every spiritual need so families from across the state or from any city can easily move to New Rockford. Within a few days, the children can attend school and the families can pick up their routine lives in this great community of law-abiding, righteous citizens.

North Dakota has long been a prohibition state and though it may seem nearly impossible to keep alcoholic beverages out completely, you’ll find hardly any negative effects out on the town’s streets. Despite this, there are some remarkable wineries in the state. Sure, occasionally, rough winter weather will harm North Dakota’s wine production, but in general, the state’s weather conditions allow for some of the best wines in America.

In North Dakota, retailers cannot sell alcoholic beverages on weekdays between 2 and 8 am and that is also illegal on Sundays between 2 am and 12 pm. Additionally, it’s illegal to sell alcoholic beverages after 2 am on Thanksgiving Day and after 6 pm on Christmas eve nor can alcoholic beverages be sold on Christmas Day! In North Dakota, it is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 and grocery stores can sell spirits, wine, and beer, but only if they do so from an enclosed, separate part.

Eddy County boasts also a very healthful climate. New Rockford has three of the state’s best physicians but their practices are never over-run. The area’s invigoratingly dry winter atmosphere and beautiful summer weather are responsible for generating a powerful and healthy climate that works wonders for its residents’ health and well-being.