Falling for Autumn

As an unusually sweaty person, I love fall. Walking around outside, it’s as if the whole world were pleasantly air-conditioned. When I wear sweaters, I don’t look like I just fell off a boat and crawled out of a lake.

My face isn’t all red, my hair isn’t flat, and I can enjoy a warm beverage without suffering from heat stroke. Ah yes, we perpetually overheated people of the world rejoice in these few weeks of perfect weather.

But for you normal northern hemispherians, fall is a time to cozy up and fend off the frost. Toasty fires, soft blankets, hot cocoa and many other fall luxuries make autumn the cuddliest of the seasons. (Winter may be colder, but it also makes us too cranky to be in close quarters with anyone but the cats, lest we throttle everyone within arm’s reach.)

Many of you have probably experienced this aspect of fall. Your pets, those same cats and dogs who only come near you in warmer weather to beg for food and to barf in your shoes, suddenly want to be in direct contact with you every second of every day.

This is because they are attempting to steal your body heat, which inconveniently happens to be attached to you.

Oh well. Insincere snuggling is still snuggling! Of course, this behavior pattern is also common among children, spouses, and your friendly neighborhood man-eating spiders, who are currently coming in out of the cold and taking up residence in your sock drawers and showers. Spiders tend to get very, very cuddly around this time of year.

Our local stores are well-stocked to help you prepare for fall. I took a drizzly stroll downtown today and found this lovely assortment of fall paraphernalia to make your autumn awesome:

  1. Cookies, pastries, caramel rolls and other sweet treats (Baker’s Dozen, Miller’s Fresh Foods) Nothing says fall like a hot cinnamon bun or some sweet, sweet pumpkin bread.
  2. Scarves, hats, mittens and gloves (Central Pharmacy, Do-it Best Hardware) Do-it Best also stocks gorgeous women’s fit leather work and driving gloves!
  3. Personal/room size heaters and humidifiers (Do-it Best) These will keep you toasty and breathing easy in the dry, crisp air.
  4. Tea kettles and coffee pots (Do-it Best) and tea, coffee and cocoa (Miller’s). Hot drinks warm you from within. No time to brew your own? Grab a mug of your favorite drink at Latté Lobby!
  5. Yarn and knitting/crochet supplies, needlepoint, quilting supplies (Do-it Best, 3 Sisters Quilt Shop) Stave off boredom and make something warm for the winter to come!
  6. Library card (Eddy-New Rockford Library) Check out free books and movies, then snuggle up with some popcorn and #7…
  7. Wine (Log Cabin, Mill Pump) and mulling spices (Central Pharmacy) Heat red wine on the stove and add these sumptuous spices for an exotic, delicious fall treat.
  8. Candles (Central Pharmacy) No fireplace? No problem. Wood-wick candles crackle like the real thing!
  9. Lotion (Central Pharmacy) Skin takes the brunt of the damage when the weather changes. Take care of yourself and protect your skin with some good lotion.
  10. Soft, fuzzy blankets (3 Sisters Quilt Shop, Central Pharmacy)The most important element to a cozy snuggle is having the right blanket. Trust me, I am an expert in these things.

So go stock up on necessities, cuddle up with your insincere cat or spouse, and enjoy the fall. I will be doing the same, and perspiring somewhat less than I have over the past six months.

Of course, it is sweater season… so it kind of evens out.

Happy shopping, and keep it local!