North Dakota Wineries

Thinking of wines and wineries, we usually visualize the beautiful and lush vineyards of California’s Napa Valley, the Rioja region in Spain, the Burgundy and Bordeaux vineyards in France, or the Tuscany area in Italy. The truth is, however, that there is a great number of remarkable North Dakota wineries.

Though occasionally winter weather may be slightly harmful to North Dakota’s locally-produced wines, the state’s weather usually allows for the best wines available in the nation. Take also a look at this interesting North Dakota Wine Festival video of a few years way back:

In this article, we will highlight some of North Dakota’s most interesting and prestigious wineries and vineyards and regardless whether you’re planning to make a tour of these places r just want to enjoy their products, go check out these great houses that produce some of America’s finest wines.

Wolf Creek Winery (Coleharbor)

Wolf Creek is located in a secluded bay of Lake Sakakawea, a large reservoir created by Garrison Dam. Wolf Creek Winery is well-known for the classic wines it produces that are all made from cold-climate grape varieties that are one hundred percent locally grown. The winery additionally makes Creekside fruit wines that are made from berries and fruits grown within North Dakota. Wolf Creek Wineries has also added the superb “World Series” wines to let its clientele enjoy fine wine made from grapes grown at the finest vineyards across the globe.

Wolf Creek Winery
3631 Wolf Creek RD, Coleharbor, ND 58531, Phone: (701) 220-7237

Red Trail Vineyard (Buffalo)

Red Trail Vineyard is a family-owned enterprise that was given its name after the historically important Old Red Trail which was among the first trails that guided the early settlers through the rugged Dakota Territory terrain. The winery is located along North Dakota’s Buffalo Creek and easily accessible from the Interstate. Red Trail is found in a beautiful setting and makes delicious wines from various north-hearty grapes. There is a quaint tasting room where you can enjoy the subtle aromas and flavors of native hybrid grapes.

Red Trail Vineyard
3510 142nd Ave SE, Buffalo, ND 58011, Phone: (701) 238-3337

Fluffy Fields Vineyard (Dickinson)

Fluffy Fields Vineyard is family-owned and was actually the first winery in Dickinson. Fluffy Fields produces a variety of handcrafted wines that are made from various red and white grapes. The vineyard additionally produces locally grown vegetables and fruits and an interesting locally brewed beer. This is one of the nice things you can expect when you’re visiting North Dakota. There are daily wine tastings offered that may be accompanied by a limited food menu.

Fluffy Fields Vineyards
2708 21st St E, Dickinson, ND 58601, Phone: (701) 483-2242

4e Winery (Mapleton)

4e Winery offers an interestingly full selection of various fruit wines that range from dry to medium-sweet to sweet wines. The grapes are hand-picked and the wines are hand-crafted only from locally grown white and red grapes. The winery prides itself that it gets back to basic wine-making to allow the flavors and aromas of the fruit come to full expression. The Winery is located in a historic century-old beautiful farmstead and offers daily wine tastings.

4e Winery
9640, 3766 156th Ave SE, Mapleton, ND 58059, Phone: (701) 936-9693

Pointe of View Winery (Burlington)

Pointe of View is located in a beautiful scenery and famous for its award-winning and delicious rhubarb wine. The winery is also well-known for the corn whiskey it produces in addition to rhubarb vodka and gin. All of Pointe of View’s products are made at the winery and just in limited releases. The winery has a fine tasting room where you can enjoy the products that can also be found at various local festivals. North Dakota can be so pretty in Fall and harvesting the grapes and other fruit is a typical autumn activity.

Pointe of View Winery
8413 19th Ave NW, Burlington, ND 58722, Phone: (701) 839-5505

ThumbsUp Winery (Minot)

AT Thumbs Up Winery, they produce wines from exclusively locally-grown grapes and fruit that are subjected to natural processes that come with cold stabilization. ThumbsUp is not North Dakota’s largest winery but the quality of its products can easily meet that of the state’s larger producers. ThumbsUp Winery is specializing in cold climate wines produced from red grapes, apples, and wild chokecherry.

ThumbsUp Winery
11600 20th Ave SE, Minot, ND 58701, Phone: (701) 833-2776

Dakota Sun Gardens Winery (Carrington)

Dakota Sun is centrally located in North Dakota, close to Carrington, some 50 miles south of Devils Lake and also around 50 miles north of Jamestown. Dakota Sun Gardens Winery produces a variety of fine wines all produced from fruits from the region. The property features water structures, beautiful gardens, impressive flowery, and shrubbery displays like metal structures. The winery offers nice tours and wine tastings. When you’re visiting Dakota Sun Gardens, you may also visit Eddy County. Read here why.

Dakota Sun Gardens Winery
955 73rd Ave NE, Carrington, ND 58421, Phone: (701) 674-3623

Maple River Winery (Casselton)

Maple Valley Winery prides itself for offering their locally produced Pride of Dakota Selection, the largest in North Dakota. Maple Valley had over 200 different items on offer ranging from rhubarb, honeycomb plum, and chokecherry wines to horseradish and chokecherry jelly. So if you come to study in North Dakota, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Maple River. The Winery offers year-round wine tastings and tours.

Maple River Winery
628 Front St, Casselton, ND 58012, Phone: (701) 347-5900

Prairie Rose Meadery (Fargo)

Prairie Rose Meadery is definitely not your most average winery. The winery is specialized in Mead, wine made from Honey. The winery’s honey wine is nationally awarded and produced from the finest North Dakota honey in combination with local water, yeast, and some other local nutrients. Fermentation takes place at the winery and the entire process takes between two and six weeks. When the fermentation process is completed, spices and fruit are added for the creation of exquisite and unique honey wines.

prairie Rose Meadery
3101 39th St S, Fargo, ND 58104, Phone: (701) 371-3690