What to expect in North Dakota

North Dakota is home to 4 unique seasons, or some say 2 (winter and construction season). In the winter, it’s extremely cold. You must be very careful while traveling. In the summer it’s very humid. Most would say it’s hot, but in all reality, it’s well below normal. So let’s see what to expect in North Dakota and check out also this great John Oliver (HBO) video:

The fall can change to winter in a days time, or a moment’s notice, in some years. When the first blizzard hits, you normally don’t see green grass for many months. And the spring is very refreshing. After spending months indoors, it’s nice to enjoy nice 50-60 degree weather.

The state is considered to be split into two nationalities. In the western part of the state, you have a large percentage of German backgrounds. Many settled along the Missouri River and spanned out from there. In the eastern part of the state, we have a predominantly Scandinavian background. For the most part, they’re Norwegian. I swear most of the “Ole and Lena” jokes came from here. And everything here is country furniture.

A little ND joke:

Why is North Dakota so windy?
–Because Minnesota sucks and Montana blows.

Major State Attractions

Roosevelt Park Zoo, Fargo Zoo, International Peace Garden

Major North Dakota Lakes

Lake Darling, Lake Sakakawea, Devils Lake, Lake Oahe, Lake Tawakoni, Stump Lake, Brewer Lake, Long Lake, Lake Metigoshe, Lake Audobon

Major North Dakota Rivers

Cannonball River, James River (for New Rockford information click here), Knife River, Little Missouri River, Maple River,  Missouri River, Mouse River, Pembina River, Red River, Sheyenne River

Game Fish Species

Walleye, Pike, Perch, Crappie, Trout, Catfish, Musky

Game Bird Species

Duck, Goose, Pheasant, Deer, Grouse, Fox, Moose, and Elk Hunting is also fantastic in North Dakota

Walleye Fishing

The Nodak Outdoors offers some of the best walleye fishing anywhere. Whether you prefer fishing rivers, lakes, reservoirs, sloughs, dams, etc. there’s a style of walleye fishing for you. When the fish run shallow in the spring and the fall you can throw a dart at the map and there’s a hot walleye lake within 30 miles. You have to get on the water to experience walleye fishing like this.

Ice Fishing Information

The Nodak Outdoors has excellent ice fishing information for a variety of species. Large pike can be found through the ice on almost any deep slough or river system for that matter. Crappie ice fishing you’ll have to research in terms of specific lakes, but the ones that got ’em are good. And the ice fishing for perch still holds the crown for the most pursued species of fishing throughout the Midwest. Whatever type of ice fishing you enjoy, we got it here. Check out also this Eddy County post.

Crappie Fishing

The Nodak Outdoors quietly has some of the best crappie fishing anywhere, it’s mostly the locals that know about it. We fish for crappies most of the times on the year on lakes, reservoirs, and rivers. Crappies are a hot target come the wintertime, and 12″+ crappie ice fishing is very common. We have a lot of information on crappie fishing, and we hope you have better crappie fishing success. For Eddy County Golf, see this article.